Climate Foundation

The purpose of the Belimo Climate Foundation is to reduce carbon emissions from nonprofit organizations’ building stock and raise societal awareness of the energy-saving potential of retrofitting and renovating existing buildings.

Nonprofit organizations make a difference in what they do. Their buildings can make a difference, too.

Collectively, buildings account for 40% of the global energy demand. And of all the energy buildings consume, 40% is attributable to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

With pressed budgets and important work to do, retrofitting their existing building stock is not always at the top of a nonprofit organization’s (NPO) agenda.

The Belimo Climate Foundation provides support to help NPOs lead the way on climate change by decarbonizing their building portfolios.

What we offer

The Belimo Climate Foundation works with NPOs to provide retrofitting solutions that focus on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to decarbonize even the most challenging of NPO building stock. We provide the NPOs:

Expert consulting

We accompany an NPO every step of the way to decarbonize its building portfolio. Our knowledge in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and our network enables the most effective project output.

Financial support

We provide financial support to conceptualize and implement the necessary changes. Our contributions focus on building technology optimizations.

Knowledge transfer

We demonstrate what can be achieved by decarbonizing buildings with practical and accessible example. Impact is reported based on measured data and comparable key metrics.