About the Foundation

A foundation focused to find solutions with impact

The foundation is nonprofit by nature and is politically and denominationally neutral. It neither intends to make profits nor to pursue profit-making or self-interest purposes. In accordance with the principle of additionality, only projects that could not be realized without support from the foundation and that serve the common good will be supported.

How we are organized

Jvo Grundler – Board of Trustees (President)

Expertise in corporate and foundation law, attorney-at-law/partner at Bratschi

Lukas Eigenmann – Board of Trustees

Expertise in HVAC and building industry, former executive committee member of Belimo

Bernadette Kälin – Board of Trustees

Expertise in the foundation sector, board/executive committee member of the Linsi Foundation

Bruce Merges – Board of Trustees

Expertise in building automation and energy efficiency, former CEO of Control Technologies, Inc.

Liesbeth Nagelkerke – Board of Trustees

Expertise in international philanthropy, entrepreneur with an extensive NPO network

Reto Wälchli – Managing Director

Expertise in energy technology and HVAC applications, former member of the middle management at Belimo

Concept and Governance

“What I particularly like about the Belimo Climate Foundation is that we combine the realisation of projects and thus the saving of CO2 with the processing and communication of knowledge. In this way, the foundation is having an impact now and, through teaching, will continue to do so in the future. This intention inspires me.”

Michael Hediger
Project Audit Committee, Belimo Climate Foundation

“Finding out about the effectiveness of climate protection projects, getting an organisation off the ground, and my expectation on myself to do something for the planet – this is what this job assignment means to me. It’s a privilege!”

Reto Wälchli
Managing Director, Belimo Climate Foundation

“I am pleased to bring my many years of experience in working with nonprofit organizations to the Belimo Climate Foundation. The fact that I can learn a lot about the energy efficiency of buildings motivates me even more.”

Liesbeth Nagelkerke
Board of Trustees, Belimo Climate Foundation

“As a member of the Belimo Climate Foundation, I can actively participate in sustainability projects. This fills me with pride and meaning, as it allows me to contribute to climate action. In addition, I learn which energy-related measures can be implemented effectively in such projects.”

Roman Steiner
Project Audit Committee, Belimo Climate Foundation

Who we are

The Belimo Climate Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization.

We are politically and denominationally neutral, with neither the intention to generate profits nor the desire to pursue any self-interest.

The organization works on the basis of additionality – only supporting carefully selected projects that could not be realized without support from the foundation and that serve our purpose.

Strong focus
The focus is on decreasing carbon emissions from existing buildings through the implementation of modern building technologies.


We envision a world where the building portfolios of nonprofit organizations stand out as models of decarbonization and sustainability, aligning their missions with a greener future for all.


We want to reduce the carbon emissions generated from the building portfolios of nonprofit organizations and raise general awareness of the pivotal role retrofits and renovations of existing building stock can play in achieving climate targets.


We finance and optimize building technology for nonprofit organizations, always focusing on realizing any potential to reduce their carbon footprint.